Weekly recap #4

Metisama Inu
4 min readApr 4, 2022


Metisama Inu is already one month old! In this recap we will, as always, tell you about how the past week went, what we achieved and what contests we held, but we will also approach an important subject, LIQUIDITY, so read the article to find out more about the future plans for the project.


  • Tag female developers ( 5 winners x 0.1 Metis )

We got a lot of engagement for this contest and we are super happy about it, because it helped us as well to gather a list of female developers for future donations. You can find the winners HERE.

  • Happy Day

Instead of the usual Happy Hour, we decided to have a Happy Day to get more money raised for the weekly donation. Volume was bad these days, so we found this necessary for getting at least a decent amount to donate. INFO HERE.

  • Free mints for Ares`s Nymph NFT holders

We did our first giveaway using free mints for our upcoming NFT Collection by randomly picking 10 holders of our partner`s NFTs. Winners HERE.

  • Questions for the upcoming AMA

We are planning to have an AMA soon, so we gave a chance to the community to ask some questions while earning some Metis.

  • Game contests

We had 3 game contests this week, 2 Suprise Contests ( only one small prize ) and one Game Contest ( 3 winners ). We love to see the community so engaged about these and we will keep doing them in the future.

  • Invite people in our Discord ( LIVE )


  • We did a partnership with Bullsheepz and we received 30 NFTs from them to giveaway. Check more info HERE.
  • Moonsheet
  • We announced our NFT Mint date and later on we moved it one day earlier. Official announcement and more info can be found HERE.

This is the most important thing that happened this week for us, because it is a start of something beautiful that will continue from now on. We started with as much as we had ( all details HERE ) and it means a lot to us. We will continue to push this initiative for Metisama Inu and we hope we will have more volume in the future, so we can donate more. We want to approach individuals as well, but for now we think that our choice was better for the amount we had raised. We donated to womenwhocode.com and we will keep doing so, as promised, every Friday.


We are strongly thinking that having liquidity on another DEX as well would help. Adding some liquidity on Hermes would be our first choice, but for now we have the LP Lock for another 2 months. This matters because if we want to use some funds from the mint or from the marketing wallet, we should first buy some Metisama at the market price then add those tokens into LP. This would be used as exit liquidity for some and they will probably be able to get in back lower and we don`t want to do that. We will have a vote over it in the near future, depending as well how the mint will go and how much funds we will have, where only holders of Metisama will be able to vote ( more Metisama held>more voting power ).

We believe that until now we already showed you we want this project to be successful and this is the reason we are trying to be as active as possible.


Tomorrow ( 5th April 18:00 PM UTC ) our minting starts! Read more about it HERE. ( more info on the way )

Until next week, take care and stay safe!