Weekly recap #3


  • we did our first Trivia on Discord, hosted by our dear team member @Feezy. It was a flag Trivia where we posted a flag of a country and who guessed it first, received 0.1 Metis.
  • Tag female developers Contest. This ends today and we couldn`t be happier with the amount of replies we got. This helps us a lot, since we now have a list of women who code for our weekly donations that will start this Friday.
  • We had a couple Happy Hours.
  • Game Night. We tried to have this game night on Discord, but because we didn`t gather enough people, we moved it on Telegram where the community had 4 hours to be in top 3 and be rewarded. It was super intense, especially the last 15 mins that felt like watching a Football game where a team scored in the last minute of the game.
  • We gave away 5 Sea Nymphs NFTs from our partnership with $ARES. Each NFT has yield that generate 2.5 $ARES/day for 90 days. Check HERE.


  • We closed a strong partnership with ARES.FINANCE. We really like the motivation and the workflow ARES has and we couldn`t be happier for this partnership. We will support each other over the time and we will keep a close ralationship between the two projects.
  • Vote to change the taxes concluded. We were not too happy about the results, as we already stated, but we are a community driven project and this is why we chose to have a vote over it. As mentioned in the last weekly recap, we changed our focus on SUPPORTING WOMEN WHO CODE, taking MRI path, but on Metis Andromeda. Right now, 2% of the taxes are used as donations for this. Read more in the official tweet HERE. ( we plan on having another vote over it in the next coming weeks, where only holders of METISAMA can vote )
  • We have a new sticker pack, since we changed our mascot.
  • We released the WHITEPAPER.
  • We updated the website as well and got more work on the details.
  • We published a VIDEO TUTORIAL on How to Buy Metisama that should help the newcomers.
  • We published an INFOGRAPHIC.
  • We had 6 publishes on some subreddits that gave us a boost of members in Telegram.
  • Sneak peak of the upcoming NFT Collection
  • We extended the roadmap by 2 phases.




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