Weekly recap #3

Metisama Inu
4 min readMar 28, 2022


Time flies when you BUIDL. It has been 3 weeks already since Metisama Inu launched and we did not stop working on the project. As you may have already know, here you will find what we did last week and what to expect from the next one, so let`s get it started.


  • we did our first Trivia on Discord, hosted by our dear team member @Feezy. It was a flag Trivia where we posted a flag of a country and who guessed it first, received 0.1 Metis.
  • Tag female developers Contest. This ends today and we couldn`t be happier with the amount of replies we got. This helps us a lot, since we now have a list of women who code for our weekly donations that will start this Friday.
  • We had a couple Happy Hours.
  • Game Night. We tried to have this game night on Discord, but because we didn`t gather enough people, we moved it on Telegram where the community had 4 hours to be in top 3 and be rewarded. It was super intense, especially the last 15 mins that felt like watching a Football game where a team scored in the last minute of the game.
  • We gave away 5 Sea Nymphs NFTs from our partnership with $ARES. Each NFT has yield that generate 2.5 $ARES/day for 90 days. Check HERE.


  • We closed a strong partnership with ARES.FINANCE. We really like the motivation and the workflow ARES has and we couldn`t be happier for this partnership. We will support each other over the time and we will keep a close ralationship between the two projects.
  • Vote to change the taxes concluded. We were not too happy about the results, as we already stated, but we are a community driven project and this is why we chose to have a vote over it. As mentioned in the last weekly recap, we changed our focus on SUPPORTING WOMEN WHO CODE, taking MRI path, but on Metis Andromeda. Right now, 2% of the taxes are used as donations for this. Read more in the official tweet HERE. ( we plan on having another vote over it in the next coming weeks, where only holders of METISAMA can vote )
  • We have a new sticker pack, since we changed our mascot.
  • We released the WHITEPAPER.
  • We updated the website as well and got more work on the details.
  • We published a VIDEO TUTORIAL on How to Buy Metisama that should help the newcomers.
  • We published an INFOGRAPHIC.
  • We had 6 publishes on some subreddits that gave us a boost of members in Telegram.
  • Sneak peak of the upcoming NFT Collection
  • We extended the roadmap by 2 phases.


We had been working on the NFTs and on the minting website lately and still continue to do so. We will have an official announcement and an ETA for the mint this week, alongside more sneak peaks.

Also this week is super big since we will have our first donation to female developers. How this will go will be announced in the next few days. For now we have a small amount raised for charity and if we won`t get more volume until Friday, we might as well use some of the Marketing Funds to get a decent amount to donate, since this is what we are after.

We are awared that Metis ecosystem lost some hype, but we didn`t get discouraged and we still continue building. We want to be the #1 memecoin with utility on Metis and we won`t stop until we are. Even though the volume wasn`t so friendly, we were trending everyday and we know that we didn`t dissapoint our community with the giveaways/contests/delivering products, even if the project itself was not profitable for some days.

This is going to be a big week and we hope we will get more investors after they see we are legit and we are working around the clock. We really believe the Friday event ( donation ) will get more exposure for the project and this is why we ask you, the community, to help us get more eyes on us by doing your part. We feel we have to repeat this : this is a community driven project where the community has the power, so work for your bags!