Weekly recap #2

Metisama Inu
5 min readMar 22, 2022


16 days ago Metisama was born. “They grow so fast”, right? For whoever is not aware of what we did in the first week, you can read our #1 weekly recap HERE.

This recap is going to be split in more parts, so you can go and read what you are interested in, but we strongly advise everybody yo get through all of it since there is going to be leaked alpha now and then. Enjoy!


As you may have already noticed, we are doing daily contests to give everybody from the community a chance to win some $METIS. Here are all the contests we did this past week. We will highlight our favorite entries/winners, since the community was great and they did put a lot of effor t in winning some of these giveaways!

  • Anime art contest

HERE you can see the winner.

  • Video tutorial contest

We had 5 entries for this one. The entrants decided they want to split the 1.5 $Metis to 4of them. The 5th participant will help the team with a professional HOW TO BUY video in the future, since she is a great graphic designer+video editor. The entries can be found in the comments HERE.

  • Predict correct score contest

Since we thought we may have some Football fans in the community and there was a big game ( Arsenal vs Leicester ) we decided to give everybody the chance to win some $Metis by guessing the correct score. Winners can be found HERE.

  • Game contest

The game contest was the funniest one and it is top 2 regarding engagement. Community played Big Dig on Telegram and there were 3 winners. Rules were simple, whoever got the biggest score, won. We will do this again for sure! HERE is the tweet.

  • Airdrop 0.1 $Metis to holders

Check winners HERE.

  • Shill contest

This one was one of the craziest contest we have ever seen. We had over 5k messages in the Telegram group created for this ( @metisamashill ). People were so competitive that it was super hard to choose the winners, but a community member helped us sort everything out, so a big shoutout to @Sypthic ! HERE you can find the tweet about the contest.

  • Discord contest

We gave away 0.2 $Metis to 5 random community members who joined our Discord server after it went live. Check winners HERE.

We like the baby kongz and we were happy that they gave us 50 NFTs (HUGE) to giveaway to the community. HERE is the list of winners, HERE you can find how we decided to approach the distribution of the NFTs.

  • $ARES biggest buy contest

We got in touch with ARES FINANCE and we did a back-to-back giveaway to support each other. We have been keeping in touch with one another since then and we can say that we like what they are doing. Possibly more things to come in the future. Check contest HERE.


Giving away Metis is not everything we do, of course. This week for “building week” for us. So here are some things we achieved:

  • we had the community to vote for one of the merch design HERE. ( more to come )
  • NFT designs are ready, still didn`t share sneak peaks, but will do this week if all goes well with building the minting website. All we shared was this small design for the website, HERE.
  • We created the Discord server. Join our community!
  • We reached 600 members in Telegram and we are not stoping here!
  • We held the 100k market cap support pretty well and now it looks we are ready to go to a new ATH ( 170k currently ).
  • Contacted somebody for new sticker pack.
  • Hired a team to make a unique and creative Whitepaper design.
  • The last, BUT NOT LEAST, because we are SUPER PROUD OF IT is that we changed our LOGO and now we have this cute mascot that we are in love with! We strongly advise you to check the website as well, since we changed some things and it looks better than ever! Read more HERE.


As you may have already seen in the Twitter description or our website, we will head our focus into the charity factor of Metisama, supporting women who code. We think this change is beneficial for the project, taking a $MRI type of approach. We all know how great this movement became and how many forks are created everyday, this is why we want to take the advantage of being the first one to do so on Metis Andromeda network. Read below to see how we plan on doing so.

The taxes will change as follows:

BEFORE: 3% LP / 4% Marketing and Development / 5% Reflections m.USDC

NOW: 2% LP / 4% Marketing and Development / 5% Reflections m.USDC / 1% donated to women who code

Long story short, 20% from our Marketing and Development wallet will go to charities supporting the cause. We already have a couple choices after doing our research, but we are open to listening to everybody`s options, if they got some, so don`t hesitate to comment/join our channels and tell us about what charities realted to this field you know! Here are the two we found interesting and we want to take part of:

  1. https://www.womenwhocode.com/
  2. https://shecodeafrica.org/

This being said, we are looking forward for the future and we are happy to have such a great community! As you may already know, we are doing daily tasks every morning and trying to achieve all of them, so you know what we are about to do that day. For now we still have to deliver the Whitepaper, start minting NFTs, sticker pack, we want to make an AMA as well, but as a community member said, this is a maraton, not a sprint, but for sure we will get to the finish line!

Until next week, KUDOS!