First week recap

Metisama Inu
6 min readMar 11, 2022


It has been 5 days since our launch and since the week-end is about to begin, we thought that a more comprehensive thread that we can write on twitter would be nice to do for the community.

As a short presentation, we are the #1 dog on Metis Andromeda that is here to stay! Our goal is to educate and assist every investor in achieving financial freedom. We believe that everyone, regardless of where they reside, deserves the opportunity to learn.

We had our stealth launch Sunday, 6 March and we belive it was a GREAT success! In the first 24h we had a massive run from 5k initial liq and market cap to 430k market cap and 84k liquidity! We were absolutelly blown away by those numbers! Beside that, we reached 235 holders, 291 members on Telegram and 369 followers on Twitter. Biggest buy was 12.8 Metis, we did 5 giveaways to the community, got in the #1 place on Dextools and had 17 callers mentioning us. We quickly got a lot of eyes on us because of the hype and onboard 4 new Admins in the group.


Second day, we tried to keep the hype ongoing, did a meme contest ( that had A LOT of submissions ), focused again on the marketing, published the website and started to work on the dashboard, alongside brainstorming ideas for a bigger roadmap. We also applied to CG and did the first Buy Back and Burn of 10 Metis. We were still in trending all day, reached 295 holders, 380 members in Telegram and 550 on Twitter. The hype was real and we kept pushing, being also always active on social, while working on the side on setting up things.

Third day had low volume ( that was normal after that much hype ), price dropped because of people taking profits ( understandable ), but we managed to find a floor price around 130k market cap and that was pretty decent. We continued to work on the Whitepaper, got more people onboard, got in touch with a lot of influencers, booked some promos, did the daily contest and also gave an ETA for the Dashboard ( 2 days ). We focused on delivering alongside marketing and we did expect things to rebalance a little bit after such a great run, so we weren`t worried. Oh, almost forgot, our biggest buy now was 27 Metis ( wow )!

Fourth day was the day when we had our first partnership with @TheMetisWhale ( giveaway still ongoing giving 10 FREE mints on their NFT collection launch ) and when we worked a lot on finishing the dashboard. Lowest volume until date, but we are here to stay and we don`t focus on the daily volume/price action in these early stages. Got listed on Nomics, Livecoinwatch, received a lot of Twitter followers because a giveaway account tagged us and the part that we were most happy is that people from the community were sending us videos they did, memes, art related to Metisama, threads,etc. We are all about the community and we tried to reward everybody that had the initiative to do something ( without waiting to be paid ).

Today, fifth day, we released the Dashboard. We lined up some promos and marketing coming for the release since all day the volume was dead. Even if there hasn`t been so much volume ( around 20k ) we are super happy because our community engaged with us and we raided Twitter, we shilled the project and we are sure that we got more eyes on us. As of today we are have 9 Admins in the Telegram, 2 working on the marketing side, one graphics, 4 mods, 1 on writing and the dev. We feel we have to say this again, so we will: We are here for the long run and even if today was not profitable in money-related terms, we know this day will benefit us more in the future. We currently have burned a total of 22.55% of supply ( 2.55% + than initial )

Visit dashboard HERE!

Also, we changed our Twitter cover and pfp ( created by @Nidhal0607 ) , we got invested in by Pumptopia ( kudos to them ) and applied for CMC.

We are proud of what we have achieved and that the work we did put in was rewarded. We will not stop here, in fact we have a long-term plan and we are getting more and more ideas everyday. If you want to participate to the project, we are always on socials ready to listen and debate every good/bad idea for our future. Since we are a community project, you are part of the project and your opinion matters as much as ours.

What to expect from now on:

We will update our roadmap and we will add more phases next week ( but we don`t want to rush it, we will release it when we will be sure that it is what we want it to be ), since we are completing it too fast! This is DASHBOARD.v1. Yes, you heard that right, there is going to be a v2 in the future with a much nicer UI, more analitycs, a calculator and more. Happy to have the v1 LIVE so our holders can watch in real time their earnings and also claim them whenever they feel to.

We are planning on changin our full design aspect to something more professional and appealing to new comers. This will be discussed more next week, alongside other future plans METISAMA has. Also, after we have the new style for our image, the Website v2 will be worked on to match with it. All we can say is that it is going to be a BIG difference that will make us more visible and give investors more faith in the project.

We know we have mentioned a NFT Collection and we are already making progress with it, but slowly. Already things are going super fast and we are delivering so much in so little time and we don`t want to rush it from now on, quality>quantity. Metis Andromeda is just getting started in our opinion and we have all the time in the world to ride this wave. This doesn`t mean we won`t deliver in time, as you should`ve already observe, we are doing things faster than you would expect.

We have a Litepaper to deliver until the Whitepaper will be live. Now that the dashboard is live, we think we got ourselves some time to work in the back on delivering the next things from the next phase.

As an extra note, we noticed a lot of scams rugging in the $METIS space and we are happy to give the community a place where they can feel safe! Join our community and participate in our daily contests, help others and work for your bags!

Have a great week-end everybody! Happy to have you all here!