Bi-weekly recap #1

Metisama Inu
4 min readApr 19, 2022


We changed the weekly recap into a bi-weekly recap, as you can see. First month ended for Metisama Inu and the second one started, a lot has been happening in the last 2 weeks, so let`s get to it.


  • MMapes
  • 8Ball|Blackball
  • TofuNFT
  • Plumpguins
  • MetisFarmer

For each of the partnerships we had also a giveaway, the team receiving some NFTs to share to the community members. Mostly they were given away for MetisamaGods holders, but there were some giveaways only on Twitter as well, where everybody had the same chance to win.


Our NFT Collection had its mint started on 6th April. The minting website was published 6h before the mint started, so everybody had time to read all the info necessary about the Utility, Roadmap and tokenomics.

Right this moment, there are 236 NFTs in circulation. Most of them were used for promotions and giveaways, shared with our partners or some influencers to get some exposure on the project. The total amount raised from minting is 12.7 Metis, as we speak. For the first 24h there was a presale only for Metisama Inu holders, as well as a discount, every mint price being 0.15. After the first 24h, the price went up to 0.25 and there was no requirement to hold any token in order to mint. This is still live up to date.

Every MetisamaGod NFT you hold works as a lottery ticket. We had numerous giveaways where, to be eligible to win other NFTs or Metis you had to hold at least one MetisamaGod in your wallet.

We promised a lot in the Roadmap and we would like to do everything that we said we would in the Roadmap, but for now, because of the market condition and because of the low amount of mints we had, we decided to hold the money until we raise a bigger amount, and work on more utilities. As we speak, the money raised are less than 1k$ so there is not much we could do with them, so in order for the project to continue we have to start using the funds more strategically.

You can still mint MetisamaGods here:


We are aware that Metis price affects all the Ecosystem tokens and as we can all see, a lot of the microcaps got rekt in the same time Metis went under 80$. When we launched, Metis was worth around 160$. As me stated before, we are true believers that Metis will be worth a lot more in the future so stay assured, we will take this dip as an opportunity and will continue building. Even if this makes things harder for us, because the low amount of money from marketing has to pay the mods and the marketing team, beside promos, etc, this doesn`t mean we give up.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that volatility is a memecoin`s best friend. Metisama is here to stay.


We wanted to have an AMA in the Voice Chat on Telegram and we did, but because we didn`t promote it more in advance, there were only a few people joining. The team transformed it into a friendly chat anyway and it was fun. After that experience we decided to start doing Twitter Spaces, as we mentioned it in the past. This VC on Telegram was the “warm-up”, so you know what to expect from now.

We also have more to come, but we don`t want to spoil everything, especially in this market condition, as it may have none or too little effect. We are adding more utility to the Metisama Inu token, as well as to the NFTs. We mentioned in the Telegram that we are thinking about having some staking pools, so people will be incentivised to hold more, as well as earning some passive income. This is just one of the plans we have.

We will also start a big marketing campaign as soon as the Metis ecosystem bounces, so we make the best of it. We are already in talks with promoters and influencers, new partners, and we are also looking to expand the marketing plans to bigger things.

We know the huge amount of rugs, even the big exploit, didn`t help at all Andromeda network to grow and it afftects us as well. All we can do for now is to HODL and keep working until better days are coming, when we can rise and gather the rewards worthed.

As always, kudos to everybody for sticking around and keeping the community a healthy and safe place and keep up the good vibes!